R.I.P Tormund


On Death Row

Be me for a day

See my world

You won’t want  to stay

Passers by

Avoid my eye

So they don’t have to see

The pain of my dependency


Be me for a day

Left for dead…

Coz I’m kitten –  a stray or a give away

When you hear me cries

Don’t walk by…

Use your heart to see

It’s your silence that killing me!

Kami selamatkan dia di Seksyen 7, berdepan pintu pagar UiTM dicelah   kesesakan jalan raya. Mujur lampu merah, Hadi turun selamatkan dia daripada dilanggar kereta. Lebih kurang 20 minit dlm kereta, dia pergi juga. I named him Tormund. Rest in peace! It was a sad situation.


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